Dr. Jacono Reviews

I can’t stop gloating about my lip lift result. A terrible accident had destroyed my entire left face, I had over 20 hours of surgeries and worked with numerous top plastic surgeons in NY. that makes me a total expert at being a patient and picking surgeons. two of the surgeons didn’t think that I had enough space between my lip and nose and that I would look strange after lip lift. Dr. Jacono saw how much I would benefit from a subtle procedure. according to his experience, I have 16mm between my nose and lip. Later measurement confirmed his estimate. There is enough space to look normal after a subtle lip lift. His confidence made me feel very comfortable. After a quick and easy procedure, I was pleasantly surprised with the result right away. Not only was my upper lip more pouty and fuller, but also my entire face appeared more balanced. I have very big cheekbones and strong jawline, my lips took some attention from masculine features and added soft, feminine, sensual look to my face. The subtle lift also allows my pearly white teeth to show without smiling. I was incredulous how a 2mm difference can bring about such noticeable esthetic result. It feels like magic. I was so glad that Dr. Jacono saw what other dr couldn’t see. He made procedure so quick and easy, I didn’t need painkiller post surgery. I suggest that everyone goes to see him. I value his opinion. He is the best plastic surgeon in NYC.

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